Still Lucky

Lucky Blue Smith is the current coverboy for Nylon Guys Español, and although I think the photos by Esteban Calderon may be a tad over-edited, they are quite striking.  Lucky's still-untitled book from Penquin/Random House is due in stores on November 1, just in time for all your holiday gift giving.  Vanity Teen has published the whole set, here.


Anonymous said…
Vera, I quite like this set of pictures of Lucky Blue. And having the dark background with no distractions behind him really helps bring out Lucky's beauty.
I don't think they went too mad with the photo enhancements. But he does look good in monochrome.
His hair is almost Bowie-esque. Although the slightly 90's baggy jeans look a bit worrying. His new book sounds interesting but just as long as it's not a biography for someone of his young age.
But yes he looks great here.
Vera said…
deejohn- even though the book is being touted as written by Lucky, I gather that it will be heavy on photographs, and like books "by" other teen idols (Biebs, The Jonas Brothers, etc.) i assume that it will be rather light on biographical content.

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