More Bautista

Here are a few more shots of Argentinian model Bautista Montalvo, because why the heck not? Notice that the slightly dazed, barely-legal porn twink look I mentioned yesterday was no fluke.


Jan - germany said…
Great!!! -many thanks
Pitbullshark said…
He's starting to grow on me. One thing for sure, I think it would be hard to ignore him. I think all it took was for him to walk into a modeling agency and they snapped him right up. It maybe didn't work that way, maybe they just saw him in a crowd, but my feeling would be that if they saw him in a crowd, what would be in focus would be that "half-asleep" look, like they could never count on him. But if he asserted himself, even the slightest bit, then bingo, he got it made. I honestly think that when one really looks at him, they can see that he is spectacularly beautiful. Also, he seems to be either "I really don't care", or in other ways hugely arrogant. While I don't like that in a person in person, for some reason, I do like that in a model (or porn star). And anyway, false modesty is just that, false.

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