I can't even begin to express how important The Mary Tyler Moore Show was to me when I was I child. R.I.P.


Pitbullshark said…
I watched her religiously! I was also fortunate to have her as one of the teachers of an extension class that I took at UCLA on how to make it in the arts. Her advice was wonderful and an eye-opener...think of how many TV shows had the meowing cat at the end. She was an extremely successful TV star and so very much loved by so many people!
Leo Parton said…
Mary Tyler Moore Show is a tv name, not more. I recall Mary Tyler Moore and her Show but recall almost zero but that she, as a she, was, a popular on tv. Look it up do and find nothing to reminisce. NOTHING. No apology. Bout a such as give as you got. Recall only a woman self on & of herself entire. But THE, not A, change of channel, and mere figure that is what do back then goes away then as now. Or nowadays ... another story.

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