Meet Gavin Casalegno

Here we have a 17-year-old actor/model from Texas named Gavin Casalegno.  The pictures above are selfies he posted on Instagram in the last couple of days.  Gavin has had roles in some big-time professional film and TV projects, and recently signed with one of the big New York modeling agencies, but he hasn't done that one thing yet that would make you say, "Oh, that guy!" For the past year or more he has been involved in making an indie film called Nine Seconds, which is supposed to go before audiences this year.  

He has fairly large following on social media, where he comes off as sweet, affable, and a little goofy... all good traits.  He also has the kind of long, lean zero-body fat physique that many of us find irresistible. Best of all, he possesses sparkling blue eyes you don't want to look away from.  Is Gavin destined for stardom? Only time will tell. 



Pitbullshark said…
His body and face definitely have an appeal to me. I hope he does well, but, as you said, who knows? There are two of his reels on Internet Movie Database and while I would never voluntarily go see a vampire movie (except for "Interview With A Vampire" which I considered de rigueur) and therefore I have missed seeing some hot shirtless guys (such as Taylor Lautner, the "Twilight" sagas), the vampire movie he was in made me wish I had seen it.

For some sad reason (but I cannot think of why, they don't seem at all similar to me), he made me think of a young actor whose career seemed to be going well for a bit and I was greatly taken with him, Ryan Kelley, whom I first saw in "Mean Creek" (he was the sad boy who was bullied because he had two fathers), but whom I came to "love" in a movie few ever saw and even less understood, "The Dust Factory". But then suddenly Ryan Kelley got too old, all his vulnerable, kind, and wise cuteness disappeared and essentially so did he. If I were to analyze it, I would have to say that perhaps actors on the way up need to choose their movies very carefully (if that is even possible), instead of taking any job they can get cast for. Some others who had that same kind of beginning (such as Ryan Philippe) made it over that hump from youth to adult.

Anyway, I like the look of Gavin Casalegno a lot and will look out for "Nine Seconds". Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I remember he used to play an angel in a low budget Christian movie a couple of years ago.
Anonymous said…
Quick fetch me the smelling salts!
cheers luke

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