This Is Not How It's Done

Here are two things that are not required for taking a bath: socks and tighty-whities. Here is one thing that is required: water. You'd think a grown-ass man would know that.

By the way, this model's name is Bernardo Assmann. I'm not making this up.


jan germany said…
you said at another chapter " I've Said It Before: Models Are The New Porn Stars"
i love the brazilian model Bernardo Assmann , i don t know is exact age , but he must be " barly legal"
- 18 years ,
at one site in the net one year ago , he described aa an17 year old néw face
here in portugise:
03 de fevereiro 2016
Conheça o new face Bernardo Assmann

Bernardo Assmann é ....
Com 17 anos e 1,84cm de altura o modelo sonha em fazer sucesso no mundo da moda e da arte.
in english :

February 3, 2016
Meet the new face Bernardo Assmann

Bernardo Assmann is ...
Meet the new face Bernardo Assmann

Bernardo Assmann is ....At 17 years and 1.84cm tall, the model dreams of succeeding in the world of fashion and art.

here the link

- one yesr age he - as a beginner- dreamed to get famous as a model many more to say next time ..
jan germany said…

one of my favourite pic -look here - paste and copy
Leo Parton said…
Part of being an actor is acting ... and if you like it, or, not like it, that is about it for you and them. Meet a professional ballet dancer in the alley way and try to hook up on and you will regret it, pro-boxer you just might think you are. Modela are not your porn alley way sex things just awaiting some coin (nowadays a big bill). SEX with stars aint how it is done, not no more. A she goes up to the boxer winner hotel and takes her panties off and later says she gets a rape & sues for $ ... NO... NOT NO MORE !!! .

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