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Friday, March 24, 2017

Fresh Face Friday

Those of you who know me are probably aware that there are two basic types of guys that really get my motor racing:  the Handsome Young Jock (see Hunter Thompson from earlier this week, or my beloved Jordan Ver Hoeve) and the Slim Young Thing. Today's young man is the latter, a Slim Young Thing of distinction. His name is Ludvigs Graudiņš, and the only things I know about him are that he is a model with representation in London and Paris, and that he is from Latvia. He's lovely, but I think I would like to feed him a cheeseburger or two. 

1 comment:

kinkynik said...


He is perf!!

Lay off the cheeseburgers, he's got 60 years to get fat. I'd love to see him in a pair of speedos, I bet he's got the sort of pert little bum that each cheek fit's in the palm of your hand.

Great find, thanx Vera.