Swimsuit Saturday


Deejohn said…
Vera, What a perfect body.

Yes THE BEAUTY HUNTER and my Google account got deleted last Monday. I've put in an appeal on the Google Help Forum page, so just waiting for someone to respond to it.

Brent at Google Closes Gay Blogs Blogspot has been helping and advising me. He mentions me in his latest post along with a picture of Bloggy. I've just updated Brent in that post.

Vera said…
Dee, that just sucks. Did they give you any reason for the deletion? I had a side blog that got deleted once, but I didn't think it was worth the effort to do anything about it.
Deejohn said…
Vera, No reason actually given. Just used the term 'Violation' but no proper explanation given.
Isn't it odd how so many google blogs can get away with much worse material featuring the act of sex,(which I never posted up) but when you post up a few teen pictures, then that's when Google go ballistic.
I don't think the eye candy pictures are a loss because they're always out there. It's the loss of my own pictures that upsets me. It's a good thing I kept most of them on my camera SD cards.

But I'll let you know if anything positive happens. Dee.

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