The 9th Anniversary Sunday Roundup: 2009

Here we are in 2009,  my first full year of operation. My top models include Rob Moore, Ash Stymest, Luke Worrell, Callum Wilson, but the discovery of the year was Franciso Lachowski.. Top Actors include Alex Pettyfer (of course), Austin Butler, Aaron Johnson, and Nicholas Hoult, and in the real world Taylor Lautner was having his moment.

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Deejohn said…
Vera, Gee, I always thought you started blogging before me. I started in Jan 2007.
But it's good to see all the faces and torsos from back then. I remember Alex being your obsession. But I wonder why Taylor Launtner didn't go on to greatness after the Twighlight films.

I remember when Francisco Lachowski won that model competition, then he was everywhere, although he never did any of those now popular teasing pictures that we see all over tumblr. Interestingly Francisco just recently did his nudiest photo-shoot in one of his latest editorials... 9 years too late I say.In his new pics he just has a towel covering up his vitals.

And of course there was the lovely Luke Worrall who I photographed at London's Camden Market just weeks before he hit the big time and got signed up by a top Agency.( that pic is now in my new archives ).

Now of course with tumblr and the culture of selfies we don't have to rely on the male models for eye candy.

Anyway my new blog is all ready. Will send you the link this week. Just got one last thing to do and get a Stats gadget inserted into it (with some help... I'm not too good with html and coding).

Cheers for now, Dee.
Vera said…
I think that Taylor's big problem was that he couldn't act a lick, which is OK when you are window dressing, but not so good when you try to carry a movie. His two big starring roles where both flops.

Funny that a lot of my favorite models from that period are still at it. Francisco and River have remained very successful, but not at Lucky Blue levels.

Anonymous said…
Beautiful guy

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