The Return Of The Beauty Hunter

How many times will the bumbling dunderheads who run Blogger swoop in and destroy DeeJohn's beautiful blogs?  I ask because this is at least the second time that I've had to announce a new location for one of his blogs, and while I'm glad to do it, I am getting a bit peeved at Blogger. To be honest, being peeved at Blogger seems to be a constant state of affairs these days. 

But back to the matter at hand. The Beauty Hunter has risen from the dead, reborn as Chrysalism. There you will find exactly the kind of beauty you are used to seeing on Dee's sites. Not only young male pulchritude, but other lovely things as well. Go there. 


Deejohn said…
Thanks so much Vera. That's a great help. Perhaps it just might put us back in touch with some old friends that also visit here.
I suppose I will just have to use caution this time round if I'm to stay online. Still I did get a good 7 years with the previous blog.

Thanks again.
Vera said…
I'm very happy to help. And I wish you a long, uninterrupted future. The problem is that it's impossible to comply to Blogger's standards because the standards aren't the same from one day to the next. I eventually had to give up on any idea of collecting ad revenue from them because their standards where so vague and prudish that I couldn't keep up.

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