Random Shirtless Guy

This could just as easily be labeled as a "style that might not catch on" (I mean, who wears pink suspenders to hold up their boxer briefs? And why does he have a ball in bed?) but ultimately it is the cute guy who caught my attention, and not what he is wearing.  But, seriously, what is the deal with this picture?  It isn't a selfie, and appears to be a professional photograph, but it's can't be a fashion photo, can it?  Is it from some twink porn site?  Inquiring minds want to know.


Pitbullshark said…
Vera, your comments are sometimes more intriguing than the photograph...although I think this is a very wonderful photograph, I like it a lot. I can read it immediately--the whole photo says "Wanna play?" It's a very appealing invitation from a very fun guy. He's almost totally naked, lying back on a bed, what more would a person want? I don't think it is really porn, though. The guy looks "too taken care of", too clean, nothing much broken about him (no drugs, no tattoos, no desperate need for money, not someone who is likely to be dead before he turns 30), so I say "fashion model". It seems fashion photos don't need to make any sense these days, just throw together a striking combination of clothes and accessories and bring in a good body or intriguing face, or else somebody "vulnerable". He doesn't strike me as vulnerable, but very willing. He represents the carefree fun of a day at the beach, it's not serious. This is probably meant for a family clothing catalogue, maybe produced for the Swedish department store, NK. The swimsuit is for wearing at the beach, the hot pink suspenders are to attract the eye and frame his beautiful naked torso, the beach ball, carrying the beach theme, is to throw at whatever person doesn't move on the invitation, like a Facebook "poke" with some meat on it.
Kinky Nik said…
He is a sportsfotos model called, wait for it;


Vera said…
Wow. That explains so much.

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