Daniel Olze, Cutie-Pie

It's February, and that means that this year's Fall/Winter Men's Fashion Weeks have pretty much come and gone. As usual, a whole new batch of fresh-faced boys made their runway debuts, mostly wearing clothes that can be described as head-scratchers. One of the more successful debutants was this German cutie-pie, Daniel Olze, age 17-ish who made his very first trip down the runway last month as a Prada exclusive.  Tall, skinny blond with a baby face?  I like him. Who'd a thunk it? Also, just from the little videos he has posted on Instagram, he seems like the sweetest boy imaginable. I hope to see a lot more of him in the future.


Anonymous said…
Some time some guys just GET to me. This guy is one of them.
Vera said…
Glad you like him, Mr. Anonymous. I think he's adorable.
He is very handsome and sexy. I love his eye brows. And I love the hair on his neck... something extra to play with when I give him a massage.
Pete Ancell said…
He is adorable and sweet! His nips are perfect So is his tummy I fall for German boys!

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