Doubling Down

Only one person was moved to comment on the photos of pretty Daniel Olze I shared earlier this month,  and it appears that page views were negligible, but screw y'all, I think he's the bee's knees, and since his management took new Polaroids of him while he was at London Fashion Week,  I'm going to ignore your indifference and post them anyway.  So there!


Leo Parton said…
Cute guy but not my 'type'.
William Gray said…
Lovely lad to warm up a late February day.
I wouldn't call him pretty, but he is handsome and sexy. I'd like to dangle his dingle.
Mike said…
Interesting website and guy.
Penile Implant said…
That is great to hear, thank you for reading!
Cool thanks for the advice I’ll check it out!

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