Some Pictures Of Paul Fontanier

Is it me, or is French model Paul Fontanier almost too good looking? Usually it is the quirky aspects of a boy that interest me. He is incredibly beautiful, no question, and I could look at him for hours, but there is nothing particularly quirky about him. Then there's this: with his fine features, regal bearing, and Euro vibe, his beauty seems almost decadent. He could be a modern day Dorian Gray.

But then, the following photo seems to undermine my entire premise.


Anonymous said…
If he's Dorian, then I must be the man in the portrait. Sigh! - Ian
Pitbullshark said…
You are right, he is incredibly beautiful and quite perfect, last photo non-withstanding. However, I kind of began to notice around the pictures near the end that he had a kind of Tom Cruise look about his face. Now, I really like Tom Cruise but realize there are others who don't, and Tom Cruise is certainly quirky (in behavior, anyway), and he is also extremely SHORT. So, might Paul Fontanier have a tendency toward quirky behavior, or extreme shortness? (Seeing that he is a model indicates "short" is probably not on the menu, though.)
Vera said…
Pitbullshark: Ha ha! I can kind of see some Tom Cruise in the jaw line, but I draw the line there. As for shortness, he's six and a half feet tall, so that's one thing they don't have in common.

Ian: Aren't we are all the man in the eventually?
Anonymous said…
Too soon, too soon. - Ian

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