Three Graces Part Dos

In answer to a question about yesterday's Instagram boys, they are Pablo (@_pablogarriido_), Julio (@julioespardeo) and Ale (@alecoria93). Ale seems to have deactivated his account, although there are several fan accounts devoted to him. All three of them are from a town called Coria del Rio in Spain.


Anonymous said…
Do not think they are homo but they might like each other anyway. Sports is homo only as it is one sex / one gender oriented. SEX is another matter. Mixed gender sports is another matter. In sports, the idea in everyones mind is to perform and win, or, may be win. TO TRY and effort for such is the fierce effort, m or f. Sex has as little to sports as making steel or cars.
Leo Parton said…
Boys and men being exclusively together is not usually sexiness between them, how ever aware they may be of each guys sexiness. Girl and women associating is not necessarily sexiness between them, how ever similarly aware. . Boys Soccer and Girls Soccer are each homosexual sports as each is exclusive to one sex. Mixing the sexes is then heterosexual sports. This does make sports sexual. Viewers see sports as sexy. Players want to win, f--- the having sex, having sex being another matter. Wrestlers are not the only ones to have hard ons, male and female, upon winning nor upon losing, male nor female nor mix. They want to win, or, to try to win. Genital enfusing, so to speak, is not sexiness in real sports. It is a natural full body infusing the blood everywhere and the full body everywhere reacting, and, not the same for everyone. (See those who act as afraid of being the winner.) That is, the genital react to effort in sports is not sexiness. We are aware that rape happens during war by the conquerors, the war fighting part being over, for the while. What ever imagine any does off the picture does not make the picture that of personal lust. ha ha ha

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