A Few Thoughts On This Weekend's Awards

Timothée rocks an all-white tuxedo at the Oscars
I don't suppose that it comes as a surprise to anyone that my current Hollywood crush is Timothée Chalamet,  who with the release of Call Me By Your Name immediately went from being " an attractive young actor I was very aware of"  to "OMG, he is perfect and special and must be protected at all costs".  Over the weekend, our Timmy won an Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Actor, and did not win an Oscar.  Neither outcome was surprising, but although I have long passed the point where the Academy's choices seem valid to me (although Moonlight's win last year was heartening) I was disappointed that Gary Oldman's prosthetics and scenery chewing beat Timothée's astoundingly genuine performance. Likewise, I  knew that CMBYN didn't have a snowball's chance in hell to win best picture, but anything else winning (with the possible exception of Get Out) would have amounted to a giant "meh" form me.  At least The Shape of Water was not a boring choice. Yes, I'm talking to you, The Post.

Timothée Chalamet rocks Gas Station Chic at the Indy Spirit Awards
At Saturday's Film Independent Spirit Awards, Timothée's win seemed preordained. Among his fellow nominees in the Lead Actor category was Harris Dickinson, a 22-year-old English actor, for the gay-themed Beach Rats, which received a lot of buzz on the festival circuit before sinking like a stone on its theatrical release.  

Harris Dickinson rocks a bare torso in Beach Rats
Having seen Beach Rats, I will say that it is one of the most no-fun, it-sucks-to-be-gay downers I have come across quite a while and the praise it received baffled me.  Mr. Dickinson is clearly a talent to reckoned with, and has the kind of looks and gym-toned body that will surely put him on the front page of QUEERTY every time he takes a shirtless selfie. It's good that two actors at such a young age were both recognized for their work in queer cinema, but, ugh, I hated Beach Rats

In other news: Frances McDormand rocks. That is all.


Anonymous said…
I didn't think Call me would win. Can't have two gay movies winning in a row. I'm surprised the PC totalitarians haven't been complaining about straight actors (as far as I know) playing gay guys in those movies.

I agree. Frances McDormand bust balls. See Three Billboards. - Ian
Anonymous said…
Vera I agree with what you said. Timothee is my crush as well!!
Vera said…
Ian- There were some PC totalitarians who complained about just that, but those people are straight up morons. I want to know- if only gay actors can play gay roles does that mean that only heterosexual actors can play heterosexual roles?

Pete- That's because you are a man of excellent taste.

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