Close Shave

What is a more adorable sight than a boy with nary a whisker on his face shaving.  Here you see model Edu Casado demonstrating.


Anonymous said…
I wonder where else he shaves.
William Gray said…
I bet I know where else.
Anonymous said…
I think I know where he shaves!!
Anonymous said…
Vera - where are you?
Dear friend, I have migrated some years to Tumblr. They murdered my two first blogs and now while I was running the third one they have decided that there will be no more porn on their pages after the 17th of December. Therefore I am back at blogger once for all. That’s why I would be glad and thankful if you change the link to my blog which is now at (with which I follow you)
Anonymous said…
Dear French Patrick,
Thanks for your new link (it looks great!). Best of luck and a happy Christmas to you.
Thanks a lot to you too, my love and I do wish you a very merry Christmas (with a lot of gifts, even if your blog proves that you are already a gifted person).

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