Sunday Roundup Rises From The Grave

 Those who have been with me since the beginning of time may well remember that I used to cap off almost every week with a random collection of photos I had harvested from the World Wide Web, which I called The Sunday Roundup, and which proved to be immensely popular.  Eventually the task proved to be too exhausting to maintain, and also it was, like everything else about this blog, susceptible to the law of diminishing returns. But every once in a while I like to throw down a Roundup just for old times sake. This week, every single one of this pictures is from one of the many beautiful exhibitionists I follow on Instagram.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful posts!! Thanks for your efforts!
Anonymous said…
A sparkling example of today's youth.
leo parton said…

--- Why do men look to the net met for sex ?
--- Are girls and womens bathrooms not full of sex ? See the graffitti. Witnesses selfing making facings leaving evidences.
--- Females go a drinking ( and, now a day, we know drugs other, and mentals &/or desires, we now a days call them affectuants ) to a drunken male party. Some FEMALES expect respect. Why so, and how so, whilst also drinking to midsinging amidst males becomming fellow horny scowling scruds ? Are boys diferently accentuating ? Some do accuse. Some sue. As if some how innocent. As if affectuants irrelevent ? Why you there at all irrelevent ?
--- Mere brief.

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