Charlie In The Summertime

Having just survived the Polar Vortex in my part of the world, with record-breaking cold, it's interesting to know that at the same time Australia has been enjoying a heat wave. And since, in my opinion, there is nobody right now who better embodies a summer beach vibe than Australian model/actor Charlie DiStefano, here he is. 


Anonymous said…
Charlie is very cute.
Anonymous said…
He is only 15 - nur so hot
Eu vou comer no "sopas dos Pobres" tudos os dias! Portugal e um pais pobre... ignorancia faz parte da minha cultura portuguesa!
pORTUGAL e uma merda e verdade e verdade! Nao trabalhos pa os Velhos e os Jovems...e verdade e verdade! E racismo puro e muito desgraciado!

Responder pa mais informaciao gay em putugal amigos...Chama Ja!
Anonymous said…
call me in 3 years hon, you're amazing
unca said…
I really think that shorter hair would be better for this cutie. Sorry, that's what I think.

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